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Blue Hour: Space Café

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Blue Hour<h3><sub><b>Idea Visualization, Identity</b></sub></h3>

Blue Hour: Space Café

Role: Designer, Art Director


Blue Hour


Blue Hour is a place for the curious, adventurers, wanderers and creatives to unwind, relax or explore, and encourages them to be in a distraction-free space to reach the feeling of expansion.

Blue Hour believes that a perfect day should consist of some coffee, a fair amount of workload, satisfying meals, interactions, entertainment and sleep but most importantly, a getaway time from these daily routines. Everyone needs to dedicate some time for themselves. We value the time of our customers, thus created an environment to inspire, motivate, and ease the tension of their day. We strive to influence one’s fantasy by provid-ing the essentials to go on.

Blue Hour exist to make the best out of every small break — to provide stress-free environment and nutrition to get one's dream and creativity to flow. We care for the well-beings of all lovers of space and motivate them to use the given time and space for self-development and to dream on despite their hectic everyday life.

Blue Hour is a spacecraft cafe based in Savannah, Georgia that provides freeze-dried snacks and drinks in a relaxing environment of discovery and creativity. We work our best to invent and equipt our potential astronauts with essentials and fuel needed for the journey ahead of them. As a brand created by space lovers, we inspire and motivate our customers to ease into their zone and provide them with a space to dream on.

- Fantasy
- Boundless
- Expansive
- Positive
- Passionate


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Class:  Studio 2
Professor:  Jane Zash