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Osprey: Keep It Wild

Osprey: Identity Program | TV spot | Social Media | Microsite | Badges


Keep It Wild<h3><sub><b>Branding, Campaign</b></sub></h3>

Osprey: Keep It Wild


Osprey #Keep It Wild


Client: Osprey

Role: Art Director / Brand Strategist


about brand

Osprey creates backpack for professional travelers. Osprey is about relationships — between the pack and its wearer, the pack and its makers, and the company and its staff. Their backpack gears are customized by types of activity: backpacking, cycling, hiking, alpine climbing, and everyday use.


the idea

Getting through each day, millenials today are workaholics who barely have time for hobbies. Working out of passion, they can push their limits and boundaries. So why not treat travel just the same? Adventures won't find its way to you, it starts with packing - Keep It Wild.

' Keep It Wild ' campaign target young adults who are 18-28 years old and loves to travel or wants to plan for a smoother backpack experience.

With the right amount of inspiration and direction, the campaign will inspire and motivate the audience to start planning for an adventure which is always the hardest step to backpacking.

the challenge

Osprey is a classic brand that creates backpack for professional travelers. But today, many young adults choose not to travel on foot. They consider backpacking as an activity that is time-consuming and old-fashioned.


Keep It Wild campaign consists of rebranded identity, TV spot (stills), social connecting, microsite, and giveaway items.


TV spot


Branding Social Media. *

* Each Pinterest boards will direct user to Keep It Wild microsite.


At the end of the campaign, all digital badges earned on the microsite will be returned for physical travel badges to reward the participants.